Go For It

Spotify for your mood

There’s mornings you don’t have to get out of bed right away. Whether gloomy or glorious outside, this is a smooth mix of some favorites, old and new, to ease into your day. Works well with a coffee, kitty, or cute cuddle buddy.
You’ve laid out a spread. The drinks are on ice. Lights are low. All you need now is a few tunes to make the atmosphere extra chill for your guests en route. Feel free to turn on this collection of relaxed yet upbeat jams so you have one less thing to worry about tonight.

Dance/Workout Jam

Sometimes, you need to move. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the treadmill, with friends, or throwing a dance party in the privacy of your room. This is a thumping mix to get you pumped up for whatever lies ahead. Get moving!


Reneysh Vittal is a freelance writer, journalist, and reviewer. His work has appeared on VICEOxford University PressNarratively  and TOR  He is a contributing book reviewer to The Rumpus and is soon to be featured on NPR’s NANCY Podcast and Huffington Post Queer Voices.

His writings cover topics relating to modern LGBT issues, immigrant stories, cultural identity, pop culture and nostalgia. He lives in New York and works in publishing. Read more work on www.RVittal.com


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