• Go Out

    Go Out in LA with Thai

    My favorite place in LA is Silver Lake. You can find some of the best food, coolest coffee shops, and lots of trendy boutiques. There’s a few bars in the area…

  • Go For It

    The Art of Gay Friending

    We feel so lucky to have found a great group of friends in Los Angeles, but it didn’t happen overnight. Our good pal (and accomplished psychologist) Matthew Dempsey breaks down how…

  • Go Out

    A Ménage-à-Trois of LA Brunch

    There are few rituals of great importance to gay men with culture and refinement than a fantastic brunch. So where do some gentlemen go for an impeccably executed, not-too-early morning meal in…

  • Go Out

    Go Out in Stockholm with Olle Eriksson

    If we’re talking coffee shops, one of my favorite places to go is City Church café (Citykyrkan) and I’m not religious at all. The coffee is regular, the pastries too. But…

  • Go Home

    On Gratitude

    Happy Thanksgiving, Gentlemen! At the risk of sounding like a self-help guru, I think it’s important to express your gratitude on a daily basis. Whether it’s by keeping a running list…

  • Go For It

    The 28 Year-Old Virgin

    Now, I know what you’re thinking - How could there possibly be a 28 year old virgin, specifically in the gay community? Well, you aren’t completely wrong.…

  • Go Out

    Go Out in Seattle with Keenan

    The best time to visit Capitol Hill is in the summer when just about every type of gender expression you can imagine is happily prancing down the sidewalks of Pike…