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Grail Springs; why we need wellness spas

What kind of spa?

Did you know there are different types of spas you can visit for an appointment, a day, weekend, or longer? We all know about the quick spa visits for a facial, massage, etc. Many of us have even experienced weekend trips or longer to luxurious places for those services and some relaxation. But, did you know there are places called Wellness Spas, which are very different from the places most of us frequent. At a Wellness Spa you are encouraged to meditate, practice yoga, connect to your true self, explore YOU, and of course relax. One such place I know of and have visited is Grail Springs where you can also receive help in nutrition and bio-energy health.

With a Wellness Spa, especially one that also offers nutritional guides, it is best to stay at least four days or more. Places like Grail Springs offer an all vegan menu, limited to no caffeine, and NO alcohol. I know, I hear the grumbling already, but I am here to tell you it is doable. I was a huge caffeinated coffee drinker and I went without coffee for four whole days. I am now drinking mostly decaf in my daily life. Another note, anyone who knows me knows I am always up on my entertainment, television shows, and social media. Well, while I was at the wellness retreat there was NO television and limited internet access. I survived and so can you.


A day to relax…

A typical day of a wellness retreat consists of a very balanced vegan breakfast, herbal tea, and plenty of water. Then there is a daily yoga class, hikes, and of course spa treatments. Vegan lunch, snacks, and dinner are also available with water and herbal tea ready throughout the day. At Grail Springs, each evening the guests gather to discuss what they learned that day, what they did, and are treated to a speaker who will discuss various aspects of mental, spiritual, and physical wellness. The goal is to detoxify your body, mind, and spirit so you can move ahead with your goals and remove what is blocking you from achieving them.


Learn a few things…

While you are there, you really begin to see how nature, what we put in our bodies and minds, what we do to our bodies and minds, are all related. Good health includes what you think, how you think, how you approach things, and how you nurture yourself. With the right combination of healthy tools, you can truly connect to yourself to find solutions to things you thought were impassable and impossible. These simple things can free you of so much that is weighing you down in life.

The education you receive can be a valuable resource to handle many of the trials in life even if you aren’t going with a particular situation or specific problems in mind. For instance, while I was there, I learned that I don’t need caffeine to keep me going but I do enjoy the taste and experience of my cup of coffee. Upon returning, I continue my coffee ritual but now leave out the caffeine. I also reinforced the notion that my day job holds me back from my true passion, my creative side, and causes much unnecessary stress. That hasn’t been as simple to resolve but I’m working on it. What will you learn on your retreat? The possibilities are endless when you remove yourself from your daily life, from the normal vacation schedules, and dive right in to YOU.

I must mention that Grail Springs is located outside of Toronto, Canada. I haven’t found a retreat in the states that is as amazing. If anyone knows of a few I should visit, especially in the NYC and Los Angeles area, please reach out to me to let me know. I would love to recommend some local and US places. I think it would be fun for me and my colleagues to pay a visit to a few of them.


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