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Go Out in Stockholm with Olle Eriksson

1.) How long have you been in your city? When did you first visit your city?

I’ve actually just left Stockholm, which was my home for about 7 years in total. I first visited the capital of Sweden when I was a kid, several times, since I had a cousin who lived there, and then my older sister lived there before I ended up moving there myself when I was 20.

2.) Where should people stay and visit?

If you’re okay not having a hotel breakfast, I’d really recommend doing Airbnb. Many hotels are overpriced and a little rundown, or just plain ugly. There’s a quite new hotel though, smack in the middle of the city center, called Haymarket. That one is said to be really nice (although I thought the rooms were quite ugly myself). The restaurant/bar on the ground floor is a great place for pictures and some afternoon hangout though. The light is really good and the interiors are beautiful.
Visit Södermalm island, where most of the hip and trendy cafés, restaurants and shops are located. For clothes and beauty you’ll find for example Acne, Aesop, Beyond Retro and Le Labo Fragrances in the same neighborhood. In that same area there’s loads of food and coffee to be had as well. If you’re visiting in the summer, take a walk up to the Sofia Church on the hill, where you’ll find a view of the southern part of the city.
If you’re more of a posh spice, you’ll enjoy Östermalm and Vasastan, especially the areas around metro stations Odenplan and Östermalmstorg. The expensive shopping experience where all the big international brands are is on the street Biblioteksgatan. While you’re there, head into NK, Sweden’s biggest and oldest department store. Think Harrods, but not quite as snobby.

3.) Give us a tour of your gaybourhood?

Sweden is often highlighted as a very welcoming and open country when it comes to LGBTQ+, but to be honest, it’s quite poor if we’re talking actual neighborhoods, bars, nightclubs etcetera. Most of them only cater to one type of interest – shirtless men dancing to poor music. But me, see I’m more of an indie kid, so I find the few gay spots around Stockholm to be quite bad and usually stay far away from them. If you really want to go, try to find out what’s going on that particular weekend, or just head over to Mälarpaviljongen by the water on Kungsholmen and ask them where the party is at, they’ll know for sure. I’ve heard the lesbian bar Bitter Pills in Hornstull is nice, and they obviously welcome gay men too, but I haven’t actually been there myself yet.

4.) Where do gentlemen go for brunch?

I’d suggest brunch at Debaser Strand / Calexico’s, it’s down by the water in Hornstull. There’s also a really nice walk between Skanstull and Hornstull by the water if you’re there in the summer.

5.) What’s a hidden gem?

If we’re talking coffee shops, one of my favorite places to go is City Church café (Citykyrkan) and I’m not religious at all. The coffee is regular, the pastries too. But that place has such a nice old vibe to it. Sometimes they hold dancing classes there at night. Located in the city centre, it’s super easy to find. Just go to Citykyrkan and walk up to the third floor (or take the cute old elevator, your choice!).

6.) What’s your favorite restaurant in the city?

Swedish food isn’t very famous for being spectacular or breath-taking, so I’ll recommend a couple of other things that we have.
La Neta (two locations) – authentic (like, really authentic) Mexican food. Only good Mexican food I’ve had outside of Mexico and Spain. And it’s cheap for Stockholm!
Oaxen Slip – actually never ate there, but the location is cool and the interiors are really amazing. They have boats hanging from the ceiling! Quite pricy.
Fang Yuan Shi Wu – the best dumplings in town! And very affordable. The owner is super charming too.
Chongqing – The only authentic Chinese food in Stockholm, if we’re talking stuff that’s not dumplings of course. Get a couple of different dishes and share everything.

7.) What’s your perfect day in Stockholm?

It’s a warm day in late August. I wake up with the sun on my face. A friend that I went to a bar with late last night texts me and asks if I want to have a picknick brunch. We live close to each other so it’s easy. We buy fresh strawberries, get some prosecco and hang out by the water, which we’ll go swimming in later that afternoon. In the evening we get some beers and take away dumplings from Fang Yuan Shi Wu and watch the sunset from the hills (Skinnarviksberget) by Zinkensdamm.
Photographer based in Malmö, Sweden. Plant nerd. Fitness addict.

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