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Go Out in NYC with Rob& Misha

1.) How long have you been in your city? When did you first visit your city?

It’s been almost 10 years since we moved to New York City, though we didn’t meet each other until 3 ½ years ago. Like most gay millennials our first glimpse of the city was through the lens of the fabulous life of Miss Carrie Bradshaw. It’s a total cliche but it’s totally true so we don’t care! Rob interned in the city and became obsessed with it, and Misha came to NYC by way of Russia and a few stops in the U.S. along the way.


2.) Where should people stay and visit?

New York is huge, so you won’t be able to see all of it in one trip. Plan ahead and make sure you have time to relax in between excursions. On a sunny day make a trip to Central Park. If you are not lucky with the weather explore the MET (Metropolitan Museum of New York) where you can observe art and artifacts from different paces and eras. Chelsea Piers is perfect for a long walk with the view. Turn your phone off and let yourself to get lost in West Village – one of the oldest and picturesque neighborhoods of the city (the streets are not the normal grid of the city so yes, finding your way around is a bit tricky sometimes). If you’ve done and seen it all in Manhattan, turn your eye to Brooklyn. Here are top three neighborhoods to visit: Bushwick, Park Slope and Dumbo.

In the aftermath of a day so filled with hate, we choose to celebrate #love


Oh, and don’t do one of New York’s notoriously overpriced hotels. Go to Airbnb or even Mister BnB (Airbnb’s gay brother). You’ll find a better value in a better neighborhood and truly get a feel of the city as opposed to being in some awful midtown hotel.


3.) Give us a tour of your gayborhood?

Here’s the thing: we’re Brooklyn guys, and Brooklyn doesn’t really have a gayborhood. It’s a bit of a melting pot and mixture of everything, which is totally cool. We think Hell’s Kitchen is the official gayborhood of NYC (although straight people are trying to rename it to “Clinton” because “Hell’s Kitchen” sounds “too grim”. Good luck with that). The heart of it lays between 42nd & 56th St from 10th to 8th Ave. Bars, restaurants, clubs – Hell’s Kitchen got it all. Definitely start with a happy hour (goes till 9pm on weekdays) on the rooftop of Boxers, a well-known gay sports bar. You don’t have to be into sports to appreciate almost naked bartenders slinging drinks. For a quick snack before the long night head to the Meatball Shop. The menu is simple but the food never disappoints (not to mention the variety of carb free options). Then if you’re feeling like going gay bar hopping, Rise is our first choice. It’s a new-ish trendy spot, and it’s always packed…especially for RuPaul’s Drag Race viewings!

Of course, what is the first thing we do when there’s unseasonably warm weather in #nyc ? #brunch How is your Saturday?

4.) Where do gentlemen go for brunch?

Bottomless brunch is a notorious all-day festivity with the two of us. We’ve never gone to the same place twice for brunch in the past few years though, there are just so many options! We must say that we went to a new spot in the West Village called Baby Brasa a few weeks back, and it was delicious! Plenty of healthy (ish) options and fantastic fresh sangria!

5.) What’s a hidden gem?

 There’s this truly amazing restaurant in the Ft. Greene area called Wallabout, which has incredible seafood and a very classy bottomless brunch! We highly recommend it for a very upscale experience in the DoBro (Downtown Brooklyn) area.




6.) What’s your favorite restaurant in the city?

Rosemary’s is definitely one of the most amazing restaurants in the city. They grow their own herbs and veggies. The food is phenomenal, the atmosphere is inviting and chic, and it’s a very, very special place for Rob and I. It was the first place we had dinner as a married couple.


7.) What’s your perfect day in NYC?

The perfect day in NYC during the fall is a great brunch and a nice walk in the park, but we definitely try to stay around Brooklyn during the weekend. During the height of the summer the perfect day is OUT of the city – particularly on Fire Island Pines!

All the way up! #brooklyn


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