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Go Out in New York with Vinny

1.) How long have you been in your city? When did you first visit your city?

I have lived in Nyack for nearly my entire life – A total of 26 years. I am as native as a native gets.

2.) Where should people stay and visit?

The Time Nyack, is the perfect location near down town, it also is a splash of luxury in this small city.

3.) Give us a tour of your gaybourhood?

Nyack doesn’t really have a “gaybourhood” – It’s entirely LGBT friendly. You will see LGBTQ and Trans flags posted in nearly every store front, along with plenty of same sex families roaming the streets.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”
– Lucille Ball

4.) Where do gentlemen go for brunch?

If you want a good “greasy spoon” feel with excellent serving sizes as well as prices – You definitely need to go to Strawberry Place. Get there quick; it’s not uncommon to have a line out the door!

5.) What’s a hidden gem?

I love OVI (Olde Village Inne) for a late night pizza, and a couple of beers of course. If you like IPA’s and a plethora of alcoholic choices, Brick House is an awesome selection.

6.) What’s your favorite restaurant in the city?

My favorite restaurant has to be Turiello’s – It’s simple, but this Italian boy loves his pizza. I go there at least once a week for a Sicilian slice or Buffalo Chicken.

7.) What’s your perfect day in Nyack?

A perfect day in Nyack has to be on a Saturday afternoon, during one of their street fairs. Although quite crowded, the hustle and bustle draws a friendly and enthusiastic crowd. I would probably  sip on some Thai ice tea from one of the local stands, and eventually make a stop at the vegan friendly Art Cafe. Luckily, whatever I’m in the mood for, Nyack has plenty of options.



Vinny is a YouTube content creator jumping back into dating and traveling the world. He’s a gardener in his free time and a eternal optimist always. Check out his YouTube channel here.



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