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Go Out in LA with Thai

1.) How long have you been in your city? When did you first come there?

I grew up in the I.E. (Inland Empire), but I was no stranger to LA. My grandmother lived in Inglewood and I’d visit her every weekend. After I finished high school I moved to LA for college, and I’ve been here ever since.


2.) Where should people stay when they visit?

My favorite place in LA is Silver Lake. You can find some of the best food, coolest coffee shops, and lots of trendy boutiques. There’s a few bars in the area as well, if you’d like to hit the town. It’s a cool collected area that’s pretty central. You’re close to DTLA and not far from Hollywood. It’s the perfect area!

With all this being said, If you’ve never visited LA and you’re looking to be located near all the action West Hollywood would be the best choice. West Hollywood is known for its strip of clubs and bars, but its also located near Hollywood. Hollywood has some of the best tourist attractions and hiking trails. Theres always something to do.


3.) Give us a tour of your gayborhood?

I’m currently in Westwood which isn’t too far from West Hollywood. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a gayborhood. There’s a few gay people in my area, but not enough gay attractions. No bars, clubs, or anything. I have to go to West Hollywood for that. The grocery store and gym is about as gay as it gets in Westwood, but then again those are the best places to find a man lol.


Reunited and it feels so goooooood! #dilf

4.) Where do gentlemen go out for a night on the town?

In LA there’s a place for everyone. There’s different scenes, clubs, bars, and festivals for all the gay subcultures. The most popular gay area in LA would be West Hollywood, that being said it’s my least favorite. Silver Lake has a few good gay bars like The Eagle and Akbar. I don’t really do bars that often I usually only come out for the big parties. DILF, GPS, Masterbeat, Alegria, etc.  I’m a circuit goer.


5.) Where do gentlemen go for brunch the next day?

Sunday brunch has become a THING, and I’m here for it! One of My favorite places to brunch in LA is Toast on 3rd. It gets crowded pretty quickly, so if you had a really rough Saturday night and can’t wake up early on Sunday you will be waiting a while for a table.


6.) What are your favorite restaurants in the city for lunch and dinner?

My favorite restaurant is any place that sells poke. That’s pretty much all I’ve eaten in 2017.


7.) What’s a hidden gem in your city not everyone knows about?

I just found this amazing mom and pop Turkish family restaurant that’s called “The Kitchen”. It’s right across the street from me and everything is delicious. It’s also really cool to actually see the family work in the restaurant. The son works the front while mom and dad cook in the kitchen. It’s a great authentic Turkish restaurant.


8.) Describe your perfect day?

My perfect day would start off with me making it to the gym by 6:30am. Getting back home by 8am to cook up a huge breakfast. I’d watch a little tv and then head to the beach. Take a dip in the Cali ocean and sun bathe to dry off. Walk to my favorite poke place in Venice for lunch and watch the sun slowly fade. I’d then head home to take a nice nap, bath, and get ready for a evening of festivities.

Thai is a fitness model and photographer who loves travel. You can catch him as the 14th cover boy of @starrfuckermag. Available for pre order now.




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