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Go Out in LA with Jason Caceres


1. How long have you been in LA? When did you first visit LA?

I first moved to Los Angeles in August of 2013 and immediately fell in love. Now, I moved here from the Sunshine State, Florida. More, specifically, Miami. As you can imagine, both cities have very similar things to offer; warm beaches, a thriving night life, and a very welcoming gay environment. All pluses! However, when I visited Los Angeles for the first time in 2012, I knew that there was no other place like it. I had to be here amongst the shining lights of Hollywood Boulevard, the bougie shops and cafes of Beverly Hills, and, of course, the bump and grind of West Hollywood. Los Angeles is not just alluring, but bright, welcoming, and sexy!

Birthday vibes…

2.Where should people stay and visit?

This is such a hard question to answer briefly. Los Angeles is a huge tourist destination in the United States. After all, where else can you tour the Hollywood Studios, visit a theme park, head to the beach, shop on the famous Rodeo Drive, and then head out for a night of debauchery?

We’ve got fun, fame, and fortune at every corner. It’s literally like stepping into a dream sequence straight out of a black-and-white Hollywood classic. I highly recommended the first stop be the Hollywood Walk of Fame at the Hollywood and Highland Center.

From there, the city offers a wonderful view of the Hollywood Sign, fantastic restaurants, the luxurious Roosevelt Hotel (where Marilyn Monroe’s ghost supposedly haunts), and you can also get your picture taken by your favorite celebrities’ star on the Boulevard. From there, a must-see for any Julia Roberts fan is the opulent Rodeo Drive, which offers all the couture shops from Versace to Louis Vuitton. Just close your eyes, spin around in a circle, and let yourself have the Pretty Woman moment. To finish off, head on over to one of West Hollywood’s many nightclubs and dance the night away. You might even meet the love of your life on the dance floor.


3.) Give us a tour of your gayborhood.

My gayborhood resides in the flashy city of West Hollywood, where there is a party on any given day. It is also home to, what could possibly well be, one of the most famous gay nightclubs in the world: The Abbey. Celebrities and tourists alike flock to The Abbey. You very well may run into Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, or any number of your dream men at night. (Of course, some of them are unavailable or play for the other team; wink wink). It’s popularity has only increased with the latest addition of their own reality show called “What Happens at The Abbey” on E!

But, there is so much more to West Hollywood than just one bar. If big and flashy is not your style, we’ve got home-style bars such as Bayou that offer a cozier feel. At Bayou, you always feel like family. The Bartenders know everyone’s name, the locals are friendly and liquored up, and the owner has been to known to come out and have a few shots with the customers.

West Hollywood has over ten bars and clubs along Santa Monica Boulevard that cater to everyone’s different tastes. You can’t go wrong no matter which place you pick.

4.) Where do Gentlemen go for Brunch?

As we all know, Gentlemen love brunch. A popular spot in Los Angeles for brunch is Cafe D’Etoile, an otherwise pricey restaurant on any other given day. However, on Saturdays and Sundays, gays of statue flock to their Mimosa pitchers and freshly baked quiches. A more affordable option would be Flaming Saddles right down the street from Cafe D’Etoile. Aside from the hottest Cowboy-themed Go-Go Boys that West Hollywood has to offer, Flaming Saddles features an all-day brunch with food items pricing up to a low $10. And what better to wash that down with than with $11 bottomless mimosas? I’m sold!


5.) What’s a hidden gem?

In the heart of Hollywood, hidden between back roads, and just off of Vine, is the appropriately named Off Vine. Off Vine offers a cozy, intimate setting that is perfect for date-night, anniversaries, or fancy lunches, and, let me just say, their pork chops are to-die-for! As are their french toast, and pancakes. I may have gone back a few times after stumbling upon it. You can choose to sit either in doors by their warm fireplace during a cold night out, or, if it’s nice and warm out, dine outside on their garden patio. I prefer the fireplace, if you ask me. But try both out and see for yourself!

Feeling kind of fancy today. What do you think?

6.) What’s your favorite restaurant in the city?

My absolute favorite restaurant in the city would have to Fig & Olive on Melrose Place. They offer a combination of French and Mediterranean cuisine that is as beautiful as it is delicious. The restaurant offers a higher end atmosphere with reasonably priced food. My go-to has to be the Mushroom Croquettes. Something I should mention about myself is that I am Cuban-American. For anyone who is familiar with Cuban cuisine, we love our croquettes, and I, for the life of me, have not been able to find a decent enough place that offers real Cuban-style croquettes, but Fig & Olive seems to have gotten it right. I highly recommend everyone stop in on their visit.


7.) What’s your perfect day in Los Angeles?

My perfect day in Los Angeles would have to go as follows. I would wake up and immediately head down to Malibu. In Malibu, there is a beach named Will Rogers State Beach, which has been deemed by the locals as the city’s gay beach. After a few lazy hours of sunbathing and splashing around, I would head on over to this quaint little Wine Bar that I happen to have a membership at called Rosenthal Winery. The staff is always pleasant and, once you get to know them, have been known to pour a few extra counts of wine, if you know what I mean. After I have imbibed my glass or two of Merlot, I would Uber (or have my designated driver) over to one of many pizza spots in the city (Pizzeria Mozza is my favorite) to carbo-load for the night. I would, in all honesty, probably then head home to shower and change, because you simply cannot wear the same outfit out at night as you did to the beach. And finally, I would make my way down to West Hollywood to socialize and dance the night away.


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