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Go Home with Orlando Soria

1.) How long have you lived at your home?

Almost a year!

2.) What’s your design inspiration?

My design inspiration was old european apartments with lots of architectural detail and modern furniture. I’m also a big fan of Kelly Wearstler, so I wanted something that was a bit more edgy and 80s than my previous apartments. Generally speaking, I am more inspired by artists and craftspeople than by other designers. I love to create spaces where art and objects can truly shine, rather than being overshadowed by “designer-y” tricks.

3.) Where did you find the furniture in your apartment?

The furniture is from a variety of sources ranging from West Elm and CB2 to my favorite vintage/antique shop in LA, Wertz Brothers. I was looking for unique pieces that were sculptural and unique, so much of it is vintage.


4.) What’s favorite piece collectible, design, art?

I’m obsessed with the gold Japanese screen I found at Rose Bowl and hung over my dresser. It adds the perfect amount of age to the space while also bringing in a beautifully aged gold surface. I am also quite into my sofa, which I found at Wertz Brothers and was previously covered in a heinous 80s plaid. I had it re-upholstered in a sumptuous peacock blue and now I can’t stop fondling it.

5.) Did you DIY or need some help?

I’m a designer so I didn’t really have a choice but to do it myself. It took some time, but I started with practically nothing and had it set up in about six months. It’s definitely not cheap to furnish a whole home all at once so I’m hoping to stay put for a while.


6.) Where do you spend the most time in your home?

It’s a tie between the living room and the dining room. I work from home so I’m often sitting at my dining table listening to NPR pretending to work, unless it’s nighttime and I’m watching “Insecure” pretending to work on the sofa.

7.) Do you….. host? I mean throw parties and entertain? Or is home private?

I love hosting, especially dinner parties so I try to have people over as much as I can. I’ve had the most chaotic year ever, so I haven’t had the time to host as much as I’d like, but it’s definitely one of my goals once things calm down, if that ever happens.


8. Tell us about your upcoming design project with John and Kit!

I’ve been friends with John and Kit for years, so I jumped at the chance to spruce up their place. They already had some great pieces which we incorporated into a freshly stylized, newly imagined home. We did a little bit all over the place, from the bedroom to the living room. I love how it turned out, super polished but with the same eclectic, vintage vibe that both John and Kit seem to love.

9. Tell us about your book! Where can people buy this masterpiece?

Spring 2018! I’m so excited! I was going through a horrible time when I wrote it. And the way I deal with terrible times is humor, so it turned out to be a very funny, heartfelt book FILLED with amazing design tips that you can actually apply to your own life. Get excited for “Get it Together!
Hommemaker Founder Orlando Soria is an interior designer, writer, and visual artist who lives in Los Angeles, California where serves as the Premier Designer for Homepolish. He got his start on HGTV as Emily Henderson‘s on-camera assistant on the home makeover series Secrets From A Stylist. A graduate of Cornell’s University’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning and The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design, Orlando has been a staple of the design industry for years. He is currently working on a book of do-it-yourself projects and interior design inspiration, slated for a Spring 2018 release.
For more Orlando visit his website www.hommemaker.com.

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