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Getting Started with Joey Dean



Hello, Gentlemen!

My name is Joseph Dean, and I am a fitness professional based in Los Angeles, California.  Every week I’ll put together a series of exercises designed to help you efficiently achieve your body goals! Now, I understand that we don’t all share the same goals in terms of our physical appearance, which is why I have included a variety of tips to help customize each workout according to your individual desires.

?? #currentcondition ‼️❕❗️ 6’2″ 197lbs Between injuries and traveling I’ve been up and down with my physique the past few months. Instead of pushing through the pain I’ve actually started taking care of myself more: more massages, more sauna time, and a lot more foam rolling. I’m quite pleased with the progress I’ve made considering that I really haven’t been killing myself at the gym. Goes to show that sometimes you’ve gotta slow down in order to go fast ?

For the first week’s post I have decided to whip up some of my favorite exercises for Butt and Leg Day! Butt and Legs are my favorite muscle group to work because strengthening the muscles in your lower body does the most to boost your metabolic abilities and also boost your positive hormone levels (the hormones that you want, like Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone)!!

Additionally, I have incorporated some mobility exercises and core strengthening exercises.

Nearly every workout I create for myself and my clients is formulated into 6 sections; Warmup, Mobilize, Activate, Strengthen, Power, and Release.

Each section has a clear objective and is to be completed in succession as a sequence. This sequence helps you achieve optimal efficiency so that you can make the most of your time in the gym.

Here’s the first workout!  I have provided YouTube links on how to perform each exercise below.



Lite Cardio 10 minutes.

(I usually spend this time power walking on a treadmill with a moderately steep incline. Other alternatives include jogging, hopping on a bike, elliptical, rower, or stair stepper. The purpose of the Warmup is simply to increase the rate of blood flow throughout your body.)


Hip Mobility Sequence:

⁃2 sets x 10 reps each Dynamic Hip Flexor Stretch

⁃2×10 each Hip CARs

⁃2×10 Dynamic Frog Stretch

(Each repetition is to be performed slowly and held for 1 second.)



Ab Activation

– 3×10-15 BOSU Crunches

– 3×10-15 Pike Ups

Glute Activation

– 3×10-15 Frog Pumps

– 3×15-20 Bridge Thrust



3×8-12 each leg TRX Pistol Squats

SS Mobility: 3×8-12 Single Leg Bridge Thrust

3×8-12 each leg Single Leg Deadlift

SS Mobility: 3×10 each side Bird Dog

3×8-12 each leg Overhead Walking Lunges



3×20 KB Swings

SS 3×20 Jumping Lunges

SS 3x30sec Elbow Plank



Do all of the following stretches for a minimum of 30 seconds each side. Repeat for extra credit 😉

Hip Flexor Stretch

Glute Stretch

Quad Stretch

Calf Stretch

Side Bends

Lower Back Stretch


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