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Get Fit with Jase Grimm

1.) What has your fitness journey been? 

I never even worked out until I was stuck at the South Pole for 12 months and had nothing better to do. Then I found out I make more money when I’m buff so I kept at it!

2.) What are your personal goals, how have they evolved? 

At first I just wanted to be jacked so I could not feel like the skinny gay boy that got beat up in middle school, then I realized I could monetize being muscly and now I’m realizing that I actually just want to be healthy and take care of my body.

I’ll be seeing all my Harajuku girls at @ Oasis tonight for Taboo!

3.) What’s your routine now? 

I do weights 5 times a week and a 6+ mile run once or twice a week.

4.) What’s your nutrition/ supplement? 

Eat as much as possible always. I have an overactive metabolism so gaining weight is almost impossible so I take what I can get.

5.) Do you mix things up? 

I’m a creature of habit, so I keep pretty much to my routine.

6.) Cheat days? 

Any time I feel like cheating I do… it’s only when I miss a workout that I really hate myself.

7.) What’s your workout playlist? 

Coreyography playlists by Corey Craig. Slays me.

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