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Get Fit with Joel Harrison

1.) What has your fitness journey been?

I was an athlete growing up. I was a gymnast, soccer player, swimmer, and runner. When I went to college, I got a little lazy and wasn’t playing any sports. My junior year, I started running again and started lifting because I just wanted a hot body.

2.) What are your personal goals, how have they evolved?

When I first started lifting up until the time when I became a trainer (in 2009) I was more focused on aesthetics and just general fitness. As I started to learn more, I started to train more functionally and learned to deal with and prevent injuries with a lot of mobility and recovery techniques. For me, I want to be strong in many areas of fitness, whether it be powerlifting, olympic lifting, or gymnastics, I want to be able to do any workout you throw at me, and I want to do pretty well at it.


Hang in there… It’s almost Friday!!

3.) What’s your routine?

I workout about 5-6 days as week. Sometimes my workouts are short, and sometimes I feel like they can take forever. I’m lucky enough to have the kind of schedule where I can spend a lot of time working out as well as spending time mobilizing/stretching.


4.) What’s your nutrition/ supplement?

Its pretty simple. I do a pre-workout before a workout (usually C4), I drink BCAA (branch chain amino acids) during my workout to help keep going longer, and I do a protein shake right after (Carnivor Protein). I put glutamine in my pre-workout and post-workout shake to help keep me from getting to sore. Sometimes it is helpful, and sometimes I still get sore AF. I try to keep my calories around 3500-4000 a day (more towards 4000 if I’m trying to put on some weight). My macros are around 40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fats. I take 2000 mg of fish oil a day. Lately I’ve been taking glucosamine chondroitin for healthy joints, which I am really liking, as well as L-lysine for recovery and immune function.


Getting back in the workout mode after a nice vacation can be hard. DAY 3, GO ME!!! Congratulate yourself for your hard work!! Enjoy the weekend and be ready to hit it hard in the coming week!!

5.) Do you mix things up?

My workouts are always different. I love taking classes at The Phoenix Effect. The programming there is solid and the workouts are always fun. I coach there and I continue to learn so much from the other coaches and its also just a really fun environment to be in and work out with some awesome, motivating people. I can’t always take classes since I train clients during mostly times when classes are going on, so I end up working out alone often. Luckily, my program always keeps me on my toes and I keep getting stronger and faster with it so I guess I’m doing a few things right!



6.) Cheat days?

Yes, but I don’t really think of it like a whole day of cheating. I pretty much eat what I want and allow myself to eat things that I like. I love potatoes (or rather ketchup), pizza, pasta, ice cream, and a few other things that aren’t really “clean” foods. However, I also love chicken, and salads, and eggs, and a lot of really healthy foods too! If you’re eating “clean” most of the time (like 85-90% of what you eat), it isn’t going to matter when you have a meal here and there that isn’t the healthiest thing in the world.



7.) What’s your workout playlist?

I listen to Spotify playlists a lot. I’m always looking for great songs to put in my playlists for when I am coaching and I need music that is going to motivate my athletes to push even harder. Some of the playlists I listen to a lot are: DancePop, Pop Chillout, Pop rising, Dance party, Workout Remix, Hot Rhythmic, and Workout Twerkout, obviously.


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