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Get Fit with Gil Correa

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1.) What has your fitness journey been?

My fitness journey has been full of learning. As I start to get more in tune with your workout routines I learn my limits and strong points. I also learned how to be gentle with myself and I am constantly learning about patience and perseverance. A “dream body” doesn’t get built in a short time, you have to persist and also acknowledge your big and small achievements. Being honest with myself, assuming responsibility for my choices but also avoid being hard and judgmental with myself is the biggest lesson and I learn it every single day.

2.) What are your personal goals, how have they evolved?

Right now my personal goal Is to add a few more pounds of muscle. It’s a slow process because I want to do it without adding too much fat weight with it. I used to be 149lbs with 9% fat 3 years ago, that was super lean. Right now I’m 166 with 12% of fat. My goal is to reach 170lbs with 9% of fat. It’s a slow process and it requires a good diet and workout routine but I will make it.

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All you need is out there but it’s up to you to make the first step, it doesn’t matter the size of it.

3.) What’s your routine?

Mostly I do weight training and about 20 min high intensity cardio. When I have extra time I incorporate yoga at the end of my training so I don’t lose my flexibility.

4.) What’s your nutrition/ supplement?

I like to keep the basics. Whey protein isolate after working out with BCAA’s to help my recovery plus casein before working out. Depending of my last meal of the day I will do a shake with casein before going to bed. The rest I like to keep as much natural food as possible.

5.) Do you mix things up?

Not much. I like to keep it simple. A well executed basic exercise(right posture, good intensity) is more than enough to get your results and avoid any injuries. Sometimes we wanna do something that “looks cool” but we lose our quality of execution and we don’t get an efficient work out of it. Less is more. There are some exceptions but you can’t go wrong with good basics.

6.) Cheat days?

I avoid as much as I can. I don’t like to stabling a cheat day because it will happen soon or later. Someone will invite you out, there will be traveling or event coming up and those things never coincide with our cheat days. Also having a day where you can ruin your entire hard work from all week doesn’t seem very efficient. I like to be “good” as much as I can and as long as I can cause when those dinners, Sunday brunches and a drinks appears we know we can allow ourselves to relax a bit without freaking out that the cheat day was just yesterday. Common sense and staying accountable with your goals are the key and will dictate how much you will be able to have those slips in your diet.

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