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Get Dressed with Davi Stefond

1.) How would you describe your personal style?

1. My personal style is a mix of a lot of different things, I’m very into London street fashion and also the fashion in Brooklyn, NYC. I don’t really follow “trends” and like to mix girl clothing with men clothing and make it masculine and fashion forward.

2.) How has it evolved?

2. I think over the years my style has definitely evolved, I wasn’t always super stylish when I was younger. Now being older and more comfortable with who iam I take more risk , I try looking high fashion or European now a days

3.) Where do you like to shop?

3. Shop? Oh my … the list would go on 🙂 but a few of my favorite stores are; kitson, asos, Zara, urban outfitters, bershka, uniqulo, all saints and kith

4.) Who’s your fashion inspiration?

4. My fashion inspiration is Rihanna, she can wear a garbage bag and make it look like givenchy.

5.) What’s your favorite outfit or piece of clothing you own?

5. I have a pair of Gucci platform shoes that I’d also in if I could! They are amazing and give me 3 extra inches in height. 

6.) How do you find new trends?

6. Instagram is good for following new trends, but I’ve always been doing my own thing. I try setting trends and not follow them.

7.) What does your style say about you?

7. My style would tell people that I’m very edgy, bold, and stylish.

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