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Get Dressed with Daniel Betancourt

1.) How would you describe your personal style?  

I don’t really have any specific style, it depends on the occasion or the mood I found myself at that exact moment. (A lot of my followers will probably describe somewhat modern with a French easy going touch.)


2.) How has it evolved over the years?

Trying new things out by getting out of my comfort zone.

Casual @expressmen #betanstyle #expresspartner

3.) Where do you like to shop?

My go to for everything usually Mr. Porter or Asos.


4.) Who’s your fashion inspiration?

Growing up my dad, until this day he’s been my style inspiration. He’s always been so spot on with his sense of fashion-a true class act.  I guess being French/Venezuelan pays off, you got the best of both worlds.


5.) What’s your favorite outfit or piece of clothing you own? 

Probably my custom made leather red jacket by Coach



6.) How do you find new trends?

Looking through fashion magazines and seeing what clothes are in style now. I watch celebrity news to see what celebrities are wearing. I look at regular people around me and examine what they’re wearing. Going window-shopping usually gives me an idea of what’s in style. 


7.) What does your style say about you?

Perhaps that I have my shit together? Haha I’m just teasing you guys. I would say my style doesn’t really define who I am but expresses how happy and comfortable I feel staying true to myself always.


If you’re happy with yourself no one can bring u down. – @originalpenguin


Daniel Betancourt is from Venezuela and the editor behind Betanstyle, documenting style, menswear, travel, music and the journey of those who inspire our daily lifestyles. Due to his international background (Spanish & French) he decided to start his own site in 2008, allowing him to work with several brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Diesel.

Daniel has collaborated as a model, stylist, creative director and brand consultant/ambassador. He has also added TV Hosting to his list of skills by becoming the host for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico 2013 & working side by side as one of the digital voices of @MTV where he gets to share how music meets fashion on several segments and help upcoming talent to get discovered.  

Follow him on @danielbetan 

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