Go Out Kit's EastSiders Road Diary

The EastSiders Road Diary: Our Own Private Idaho

“This road will never end. It probably goes all around the world.” — My Own Private Idaho

Our last few days on the road shooting season 3 of EastSiders were some of our hardest and most rewarding. We took in the Badlands, clambered out onto a precipice in the Black Hills and shot a kissing scene at Mount Rushmore. We got snowed out of Yellowstone by a freak storm that also flung the camper door open so hard that it shattered a windshield. You can actually see the garbage bags we used to keep the rainwater out in a few shots. We ended up getting some beautiful footage in the snow but had to scrap a planned sex scene at Old Faithful. We also had to drive a whole day out of our way around the park, adding Montana to the 16 states we passed through on the trip. The road seemed like it would go on forever, but eventually we landed in Idaho, exhausted. We had no idea that the adventure was really just beginning.

Read the rest of the first essay in Kit’s EastSiders Road Diary over at The Advocate Magazine.

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