Go Out Kit's EastSiders Road Diary

The EastSiders Road Diary: Loving NY (When It’s in the Rearview Mirror)

“As brave as it is to try and make it in New York, in some ways I think it’s braver to admit that you’re ready to leave…”








“Season 3 of EastSiders actually begins with Cal and Thom packing their car to leave New York, talking through a laundry list of grievances with the city. The episode is titled “Goodbye to All That Shit,” inspired by the incredible Joan Didion essay “Goodbye to All That” and the flood of bittersweet think pieces that have followed in its path, written by creative types fleeing the city’s sky-rocketing rents. I think of this episode as my contribution to that tradition, because as challenging as it was returning to New York I will always be grateful to the city for shaping who I am as a person.

Read the rest of the first essay in Kit’s EastSiders Road Diary over at The Advocate Magazine.


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