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Diva Watching Etiquette: 5 Do’s & Don’ts For Drag Shows

1. DO: tip the girls

Like Dolly Parton said, “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap”, so you can only imagine the time, energy, and funds that go into making your local queen look like a million bucks. So don’t be shy about throwing a few dollars their way!

2. DO NOT: touch the girls

They are on the job. They deserve to be groped non-consentually no more than your bank teller, check out boy at the grocery store, or any other on-the-clock professional.

3. DO: applaud for dear life

Performers feed off it! It makes for a fun environment and makes amping up the levels of fierce and fabulous even better.

4. DO NOT: walk across/in front of the performance area during a performance

It does the exact opposite of applause: it drains the mood, and these girls need to seriously focus to kill it. Same applies to loud talking: mix with lip-syncing for dear life it does not.

5. DO: tip the girls

It bares repeating. Seriously, give them money. The arts — and yes, drag is establishing itself in the mainstream as a serious, codified art form — need all the financial support they can get. And that starts with you!

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