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  • Play Gentle with Aram Giragos

    Play Gentle #7

    From The Myth of Sexual Dysfunction to Amateur Filming Etiquette to Fisting, therapist Aram Giragos has all your questions covered! Welcome back, everyone, and HAPPY SUMMER! Since last time, we’ve gone…

  • Go For It

    Gay Porn Saves Lives

    Kieran Patrick reflects on the stigmatization of male sexuality, and how pornography led him on a journey of radical self-acceptance. ‘If you want to make a human being into a monster,…

  • Go For It

    Brendan Haley on The Stay Proud Project

    Tim Gunn, Alexandra Billings and more share their stories with the Stay Proud Project… Remembrance is an ability of boundless impact and importance, especially for any person belonging to a minority…

  • Go For It Go Out

    Go Out with Scruff Venture

    Hey Gentlemen! We’re partnering with Scruff to promote Scruff Venture. It’s a great new feature on the app that you can use while traveling. You can post about your upcoming trips…

  • Play Gentle with Aram Giragos

    Play Gentle #5

    I've grouped today's questions together purposely to show that this is a much broader topic than it often sounds like, and the learning curve is still kind of steep.…