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Ask Juan & Gee: How can I TRUST him after finding out he was on GRINDR?

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 He found out that his partner had a Grindr app and ever since he has been going through his phone looking for signs of cheating. How does he forgive his partner and move on without feeling the need to go through his phone? Have a Question? Ask us! ASK@JuanandGee.com


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Juan and Gee are a successful Atlanta-based couple, certified Relationship, Professional, Bereavement, and Life coaches, philanthropists, authors and media personalities. In addition to television appearances, their expertise and unique perspective have been solicited by a diverse group of clients including major corporations, public institutions, government agencies and philanthropic organizations.

This dynamic couple is known for their practical, street-savvy, relatable strategy to coaching that brings out the best in people. The award-winning duo possess a unique ability to quickly identify the essence of clients’ challenges. Their style is honest and candid while bearing the compassion and sensitivity that are fundamental to their profession.

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