About Us

Kit Williamson (Editor) and John Halbach (Creative Director):

John Halbach and Kit Williamson are actors, internet entrepreneurs and husbands, best known as the producers and stars of the Emmy-nominated LGBT web series EastSiders (now available on Netflix). The couple met more than a decade ago in New York City, where they both performed on Broadway before making the move together to the West Coast.

In addition to writing, directing and starring in EastSiders, Kit played the role of Ed Gifford on the final two seasons of Mad Men. He is also a travel writer and LGBT rights activist who has written for The Advocate, Out, Out Traveler, Huff Post, Indiewire and The Fight Magazine. John Halbach is an actor, producer and social media expert with an advertising agency background, who has created social media campaigns for Broadway shows, celebrity chefs and TV networks including Fusion and The History Channel. Together, they produce a branded travel series for Out Magazine.

The couple resides in Silver Lake with their cat Albee, and you can follow them at @kitwilliamson and @johnhalbach on Instagram and Twitter. Al doesn’t have his own Instagram, but he is heavily featured on both his dads’ accounts, much to his annoyance.


Delton Valentine (Deputy Editor): 

Delton Valentine is a producer, writer and intern coordinator for Go Team Entertainment. He joined Go Team working as a PA on Season 2 on Eastsiders and has since promoted to producer. While he’s not working with Kit and John he produces content for music artists and micro budget short films.

You can follow Delton @delton.david.valentine on Instagram.