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ABC’s of Holistics

In the past few years, more than ever, we are hearing the words holistic, wellness, energy work among many others. We read about thousand year old practice finally getting their recognition in the past two decades. The reason all these practices are popping up is the result of a very stressful lifestyle.  Today I am going to talk about a few of the holistic practices I work with.
To understand the practices we have to understand what Holistic means


adjective: holistic
-characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
-characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease
When it comes to exercise and other practices anything you do that involves our: physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies working as one can be considered holistic. For me it means the awareness of those layers in our existence and knowing that anything you do will have an effect to all our bodies.
Some of the holistic practices I work with are:
Yoga – Yoga is an activity that involves stretching, strength components, balance, breathing and meditation. There are many different styles with different focuses. When I teach I try to make it simple but intense according to each person’s level. After going through some basic movements and making sure everyone is executing them with safety. I like to incorporate flowing and connection of those movements, like a choreography. There is a huge philosophy behind yoga techniques and the way you handle the class reflects directly how you handle your life and challenges. You can learn about yourself through a path of self acceptance and harmony. Yoga can help with stress, anxiety and give you a boost to start your day.
Tai Chi Chuan – Tai Chi has origins in China and is characterized by slow, connected movements, synchronized with breathing. The focus is to move with less tension, making it easier to allow the energy to flow through your body. When energy flows softly there is more clarity and our organs function better, providing us better health. It is about executing the movements fully present. Because many of the movements are interconnected to martial arts Tai Chi can also be taught as a self defense. It can improve self confidence and awareness of your surroundings. Tai Chi has no impact and is great to increase memory, mobility and joint health.
Reiki – Reiki was originated in Japan and is not a physical activity or a massage but a type of energy healing technique.  The practitioner will mostly have you laying down while he/she reads your energy, using their intuition and knowledge of the Chakras (main points of energy in our bodies) to harmonize the energetic body. Once those energy levels are in harmony there is a profound relaxing state that comes with it. Because all bodies are connected, having the energy body balanced will result in all other bodies (emotional, mental and physical) to align. This provides stress relief, anxiety reduction and sense of peace and grounding.
Activities like aromatherapy, chi kung (or ki gong) and acupuncture can also be used in conjunction or separately with each other. If you have any questions or are seeking for more information email me on gilcorreatrainer@gmail.com
Have a wonderful week and see you all next time!

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