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 My name is Joseph Dean, and I am a fitness professional based in Los Angeles, California.  Every week I’ll put together a series of exercises designed to help you efficiently achieve your body goals! Now, I understand that we don’t all share the same goals in terms of our physical appearance, which is why I have included a variety of tips to help customize each workout according to your individual desires.

In last week’s post I mentioned that most of my workouts generally have 6 objectives or phases. This week I’d like to add one more phase! This phase is designed to even out any muscle imbalances you may have and improve your posture prior to the Strengthen phase of the workout. Muscle imbalances can cause bad/uneven posture, back pain, joint pain, can halt results in the gym, and will undoubtedly add to your body’s unhealthy stress levels. If we don’t take care of these imbalances before working out, strength training can actually reinforce our bad posture. So to get the most out of your workout I’ve incorporated a solution into the second phase of this routine. I’m sure some of you have already guessed by now, the solution is FOAM ROLLING!!!! 😀



Just to get your blood flowing—nothing cray.

5-10 min Cardio (preferably on the Rower)

2×12-15 TRX High Rows

SS 2×12-15 Push-ups

SS 2×12-15 Scapula Push-ups



Posture is SEXY

Foam Roll: Chest, Delts, Lower, Mid, and Upper Back

When you find a tender spot, breathe into the pressure for a minimum of 30 sec.


These mobility exercises will help your muscles get full range of motion/activation during the rest of your workout—equating to more muscle fibers torn and more calories burned.

2×10 each Shoulder CARs

SS 2×10 Cat Cows

SS 2×10 each Bird Dog


Line up your core, getting it ready for the Strength phase.

Abs: 3×10-15 Butterfly Sit Up

3×10 each Elbow Plank Bird Dog



SS means it’s a super set—two exercises in each set, do the first exercise followed by the second with NO break. Both exercises performed equals 1 set. Take 30-60 second breaks between sets. If your objective is to get toned, keep your reps higher, weights lighter and breaks shorter (30-40 sec range). If you’re trying to bulk then keep reps lower, weights heavier, and breaks longer (50-60 sec range).


3×8-12 Cable Reverse Flies

SS 3×8-12 Cable Chest Flies


3×8-12 Perfect Pull-ups

SS 3×8-12 Perfect Dips


3×8-12 Incline Dumbbell Press

SS 3×8-12 each Lawnmower Rows


6. POWER (optional)

for those who want a little extra shred

Battle Rope: 3×20-30 seconds SCISSOR

SS 3×20-30 seconds WAVES

SS 3×30-60 second Planks

60 Second Break



Wall Chest Stretch

Side Bend Stretch

Wall Bicep Stretch

Tricep Stretch


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