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Hello, Gentlemen!


Joseph here! My last two posts covered two well-rounded workouts for your upper and lower body, so if you missed those, go back through the archives and check them out! Today’s post is going to be ALL ABOUT YOUR CORE!!! When I say ‘core’ I’m not just talking about your abs. I’m talking about all of the muscles from above your knee to below your chin. A lot of these muscles connect directly to your spinal cord, playing a critical influence over the stability and health of your body. A strong and functional core is PARAMOUNT to reaching your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

Like most of my programs I’m going to incorporate the seven objectives into this week’s workout; Warm-up, Release, Mobility, Activate, Strengthen, Power, and Lengthen. Every objective is important, but if you are really limited on time then I would prioritize Warm-up, Mobility, Strengthen, and Lengthen.

You’ll notice that I have attached links to the word of each exercise. I have picked out the best YouTube videos that get the most information to you in the least amount of time. let’s jump right into the workout!



10-15 minutes of cardio. Preferably on the bike if possible)

  • Keep the cardio light—low intensity and low impact.
  • Keep your core tight—Suck your belly in, like you’re hugging your navel to your spine.

“Keep it LIGHT and keep it TIGHT.”



Foam Roll; All tight or sore areas, Back, Chest and Shoulders, Hip Flexors, and Glutes

When you find a tender spot, breathe into the pressure for a minimum of 30 sec.



Hip Opener Sequence (this is a link to one of my faves, I use it ALL the time.)



Line up your spine, getting it ready for the Strength phase.




4×6-8 Ab Roller or TRX Ab Rollouts

3×10-15 Reach Ups

3×6-10 Hanging Leg Raise



20 sec Burpees

Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 sets xxx




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